Spec Drag; Win, Lose, or the Wall

It’s not run what you brung… It’s run what brung you!
Fans from the stands out on the track.
Winner stays, loser takes a seat.

One-on-One Spectator Drag races are one of the most popular events at short track ovals across the country, pitting ordinary fans against each other in street legal cars for exciting one-lap match races.
There are no warm-up laps, practice, or qualifying. Competitors are paired randomly without seeding, sent to the line cold, and the winner moves on in a single elimination format until a champion is crowned.
The racing is intense, and the match-ups unique.
Grand Prix vs. Grand Cherokee
Pinto vs. Porsche
Viper vs. F-150
Anything goes, and the outcomes are often surprising. With over 200 paved short oval tracks in the United States, Spectator Drag racing has a strong existing fan base, with venues from Massachusetts to
Michigan and New York to Arizona each hosting several events a year. Spec Drag (aka Oval Drag) brings this growing phenomenon to the next level. We’ll take you into the pits to meet the people that are willing to put their
everyday ride on the track, and potentially into the wall. All races are heads-up, so there's no bluffing, but competitors can haggle with the judge for the all important lane assignments. Let the bidding begin.
While the racing is serious, the racers usually aren't. Light-hearted ribbing is the rule as the drivers scrutinize each other's rides before the green flag drops. But afterwards, that camaraderie can quickly change, as car-to-car contact is a common occurrence. Rubbing may be racing, but these ain’t race cars. Each show will pit driver vs. driver until the last one remains to claim the grand prize, earning a slot in the grand finale where event winners from across the country will converge to prove they are the best of the best.